30 Minutes of Hell


Every other day I wake up a couple minutes early to shave my head. Before I hop in the shower to rinse all the clippings off, I always have my wife give me a thorough review of my work. I am very grateful to be married since I have never passed a test without missing at least a small section ... Read More »

Baldness Cure Right Around the Corner!


Scientist have recently declared we are only a few years away from a cure for baldness. Baldness Cure Predicted To Be On Shelves Within 2 Years – http://t.co/aLtEOIXGkg via @Shareaholic — Supporting Men (@SupportingMen) April 3, 2014   Dermatologist promises “10 years” away to a cure for baldness! http://t.co/tCdRPVHh8Z — HairLossSpecialists (@HairLossSpecial) April 3, 2014   It’s too bad these ... Read More »

The Pigs Are Walking


In my beloved home town of St. Louis, MO, there is government legislation that dictates the designs of all company logos. This regulation mandates that every local company within city limits, must incorporate the St. Louis Arch into their logo design. While this has certainly taken away from the creativity of the design community, it has allowed companies to focus ... Read More »

Wise Words from Cicero


“…Unless the aforementioned grief is being caused by baldness.”     Read More »

Mile High (Hair-Loss) Club

2014-03-26 17.12.22

Looks like there is a new player in the hair restoration game! Who is it you ask? None other than our friends at Sky Mall. With the help of some hair building fibers and a couple lasers you can now conveniently fix all your hair-loss problems from the comfort of your seat a mile above the earth!   Read More »

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